Employability Support

Employability Support

Inspiralba have a proven track record in development, management and delivery of employment and training opportunities.  Our collaborative model enables partners from across the  third sector to create a nurturing environment which encourages individuals with a range of barriers to work, to access opportunities and progress to achieve their potential.

Since 2009, this works has included the following schemes; Future Jobs Fund, Wider Role, People and Communities, Investing in Communities, Kickstart and No One Left Behind ILM. Through our employability work, people of all ages and backgrounds are able to gain skills, qualifications and experience while working with community-based organisations.  This provides a two way benefit; providing opportunities for individuals whilst adding capacity for the delivery of community benefits.

Employability Programmes

Pre Employablity Support - Spark Your Purpose

Spark Your Purpose is a pre employability programme, established in 2021 by Inspiralba, working with our network of third sector delivery partners. We take a person centred approach,  tailoring  support that meets individual needs and aspirations. Participants receive one to one support to explore their interests and challenges, then work through their activity plan which can include a variety of activities, (from wellbeing, to accredited training) to develop confidence, skills and resilience. Through this approach we have assisted 65% of participants to move on to positive destinations.

Spark Your Purpose is delivered on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council and the Local Employability Partnership and funded as part of Scottish Government’s Young Persons Guarantee and No One Left Behind strategies.

Parental Employability Support Fund

InspirAlba deliver Parental Employability Support on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council (Scottish Government).  PESF offers support to: lone parents, parents with disabilities, young parents, minority ethnic families, families with a disabled child, families with 3 or more children or a child under 1.  The support fund aims to address child poverty, with tailored one to one support provided, to develop skills and opportunities to earn through fair work and address household poverty.  Specialist support is available via Bute Advice Centre and Alienergy to work with parents to maximise household income and reduce fuel poverty.  PESF Evaluation Final June 20231

Household Resilience Activity

InspirAlba have worked with Fyne Homes since 2009 to support community priorities for the area through an employability lens.  Through this partnership we have developed a programme in response to the impact of rising household costs, with wage placements, training and support for employed trainees based with local organisations with a focus on household resilience.

Placements include:  Household Resilience Advocates, based with local organisations to undertake outreach to promote and signpost householders to specialist advice, such as debt management, welfare, fuel poverty and energy efficiency. In addition there are Placements to support affordable school uniforms, transport and furniture. 

Funding for this project has been supported by Scottish Government (Investing in Communities) along with Argyll and Bute Council (UK Shared Prosperity).

Wage Based Placements in the Third Sector

InspirAlba have delivered Wage based Placements working with third sector host employers.  Employing organisations have experience in assisting those facing barriers to work, to re engage with employment.  30 people (age 25+ who had been out of work for at least a year) were able to take up wage supported employment via  Argyll and Bute Council (No One Left Behind Scottish Government Funding) in 2022/23.  A further 16 people received wage subsidy support via Fyne Homes (Scottish Government, Investing in Communities).  The previous year we supported the UK Governments Kickstart Programme, with 52 wage subsidy posts being supported in the Third Sector in Argyll.

8 wage based placements are being supported via UK Shared Prosperity Fund, in addition to the 12 wage based placements with a focus on household resilience for 2023/24.  

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