Community Support

Inspiralba are a social enterprise and have been able to reinvest in our charitable objectives over the past 12 years:

  • Providing support for social enterprise networking in Argyll and Bute.
  • Providing Dragons Den sponsorship for social enterprise..
  • Development, funding and delivery of ‘Jocks Adventure Playground’ as a resource for children and families in South Kintyre.
  • Providing match funding and support for research and development work on tackling depopulation in Argyll and Bute.
  • Providing support and match funding to identify community priorities with South Kintyre Development Trust.
  • Supporting employment and training opportunities.

Support for Community Resilience and Community Planning

Inspiralba have worked with a broad range of local partners in our home town of Campbeltown and Kintyre to support local resilience and community planning activity.  This has included support during the challenges of Covid19 Lockdown to support local organisations and the wider community including support for regular communtiy resilience meetings.

We have worked with the David Hume Institute to inform a national project on Community Conversations, hosting a conversation in South Kintyre involving a broad range of local stakeholders.

This led in to further work with South Kintyre Development Trust and Campbeltown Community Council to support Community Planning activity, with employment and training support being provided to facilitate the development of a commnuity plan for the area.

Digital Connections

During the Covid19 challenges Inspiralba worked with partners including Kintyre Community Resilience Group (particularly The Hub), Argyll and Bute Council.  As part of this work we developed and supported Digital Connections, an Argyll wide project to address digital exclusion which severely impacted young people and low income households during Covid-19 Lockdown.

Initially devices were donated by members of the public – over 150 devices were donated by the local community and businesses.  Funding was also secured to purchase refurbished devices from Reusing IT, a social enterprise based in Lothian and 220 refurbished devices were purchased and distributed across Argyll and Bute.

The Digital Connections project complimented the Connecting Scotland project perfectly and in many cases we were able to respond to individuals and families requiring support who did not meet the Connecting Scotland criteria.

 Support for Employment and Training Opportunities

Inspiralba assist in the development and delivery of employment and training opportunities, working with social enterprises across the area.  In addition we provide wage based work placements as part of our work.  This has included support for student placements, employed trainees, graduates and modern apprentices.  We are currently coordinating an employability and youth involvement in social enterprise supported by Fyne Homes and Scottish Government, Investing in Communities, as well as taking forward a Kick Start proposal for social enterprise in our rural communities.

InspirAlba | A social enterprise providing development, management, funding and evaluation support for the community sector.

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