Spark Your Purpose (Forms and Admin)


Pre Employability Support as part of Young Persons Gaurantee

The focus of the programme will be very much in getting young people engaged, tailoring support that meets their needs as individuals and building trust with adults who are there to assist them to make positive choices and build confidence.

Eligibility Criteria:  The programme is for young people age 16-24   Young Persons Guarantee – eligibility criteria

Promotional website now live at:

Programme Overview and Delivery Partner Contacts:  We recognise the focus is on building levels of Confidence & Resilience; Aspirations and Belonging. Summary of Programme, including delivery parnter contact details available here: SPARK YOUR PURPOSE – Argyll pre employment support, summary and contact details..docx

Referrals and Onboarding: To register a young person on the programme, their details must be provided on the Referral Form (this is required to ensure the information can be collated to complete Report Log for Argyll and Bute Council). This can be completed by referral agency/organisation such as school, SDS, DWP or can be completed with the young person by the local partner.

Starting to work with the young person:  An initial Activity Agreement to be prepared with the young person at the start of their involvement, to determine their needs and outlining detail on the activities that will be initiated (organised and purchased) to support them.

Activity Agreements also include Finance Tracker Information, to ensure we can manage the finances for the project, including paying participant expenses, so should also be updated after each meeting with young person.

Documents are encrypted (password protected) as once completed contain personal information. Spark Activity Agreement v1- save as-AA Name and ensure encrypted before sending

This document should be saved with nameAAdate (with updated date) and should be saved password protected (password for all activity agreements will be shared with all partners at partner meeting), then sent via e mail to ChloeM at Inspiralba.  The password will be shared with all partners at partner meeting.

Reviews and Reporting Progress and additional costs:  The Activity Agreement should be updated each month when the support organisation meets with the young person and the updated version saved as: nameAAdate (with updated date) and should be saved password protected prior to sending then updated version sent to ChloeM at Inspiralba.

Roles, Responsibilities and Project Flow:  Details of roles and responsibilities outlined in the Process Flow v1





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