Household Resilience Activity

The Household Resilience project supports employability waged placements based with local community organisations.  Inspiralba employ a graduate appreciate to coordinate project delivery within and across the 11 local partner organisations. These local partner organisations  host and support Employment Training posts, adding capacity and building knowledge/expertise on the ground in communities. 

Training and support from Alienergy, Bute Advice and Home Energy Scotland to assist householders to address of rising household costs, including:

  • Fuel Poverty – with Advocates based locally to undertake outreach to support individuals and households facing challenges with increasing costs, to engage with partner organisations to access a range of measures to reduce fuel costs or increase household income.   
  • Climate Action – with project assistants being employed to support key priorities as identified in the Campbeltown Community Action Plan and cascaded across the partnership. 
  • Child and Family poverty – with Uniform Upcycling along with promotion, collection, laundry and redistribution of school uniforms for families facing challenges due to rising household costs. 
  • Food poverty – to extend the reach of the Bute Advice Centre to support the community  Food Forum across the area by adding welfare advice reach to those accessing foodbank services. 

The local advocates undertake outreach, signposting, providing a link between householders across the wide geography of Argyll and islands, with specialist support organisations.  Specialist support assists householders to reduce costs and increase income, whilst also contributing to net zero targets through energy efficiency and climate action activity. 

Inspiralba are a Living Wage and Fair Work accredited employer and we uphold these standards across programme delivery, ensuring each of our third sector employers delivers best practice.