Digital Connections – Supporting Digital Inclusion

Digital Connections – Supporting Digital Inclusion


Inspiralba in partnership with the Hub in support of South Kintyre Community Resilience Group are collecting donations of unused digital tools (laptops, tablets and smart phones) and are inspired by the generosity of our Kintyre Community (we collected over 30 in the first week of the project).  This also reduces landfill and supports circular economy with environmental as well as social benefits.


We are hugely grateful to our digital expert who has volunteered his time to ensure each laptop is data reset to ensure digital security for those who have made donations.

Laptops are then redistributed to families where kids have been struggling to do their Google Classroom or Glow school work without access to a laptop.  We are working with local schools and youth organisations to make sure families are aware of the availability of laptops and to reach out to families who could benefit.  All redistributed laptops are provided with 100% confidentiality.

Tablets and smartphones will also be available for households who don’t have access to digital tools to stay connected.  Cat McAuley of Scottish Government highlighted the issue of digital exclusion via Twitter last week really succinctly:

‘ Lockdown. No Netflix. No news sites. No health info. No zoom with friends. No social media. No gaming. No YouTube. No podcasts. No ebooks. No Spotify. No online learning. For the 800000 digitally excluded Scots that’s life right now.  Doesn’t bear thinking about does it…’

We are really keen to provide assistance to reduce digital exclusion in Kintyre and as Such would welcome donations of any unused laptops, tablets or smartphones.  Many households have a drawer with older gadgets that are no longer needed.  We would really appreciate if you would be willing to donate these to assist our community resilience efforts whilst during the Corona Virus restrictions.  This will assist us to provide laptops or tablets to young people who currently don’t have access at home, to enable them to do their school work.  We will also be able to provide tablets and smart phones for older people to enable them to connect with family, friends and support.

We will ensure that the gadgets are security cleaned of all data before redistribution and have technical support to assist with this.  We ensure safe collection by one of our volunteers and can collect a package from your door containing any smartphones, laptops or tablets you no longer need.

Please get in touch, with your Name, contact details and we can arrange to safely collect from you.

We have already created some tools and resources to assist people to learn how to use digital tools which are available here:


Digital Mentors:  In the coming weeks we will be encouraging people to volunteer as Digital Mentors and are aware that many young people have a skill set which lends itself to this aspect of volunteering.  This could be to provide support to assist with local content, such as creating short you tube films with information on local organisations or local resilience activities, as well as good news stories, there will also be opportunities to assist other local groups to get their activities online, for example assisting the local youth leaders to run their activities via zoom, or assisting the link club to have a cuppa and a catch up using messenger.  We also require Digital Mentors to assist with group call tutorials and group sessions to assist others to learn how to use tools such as WhatsApp or Zoom to stay connected to friends, family and support, or  creating digital meet ups for people to connect, share stories and provide peer support during this challenging time.  If you or the youngsters in your household would be able to assist with this aspect please contact us

This project has been supported by Fyne Homes and Scottish Government Investing in Communities Team who have enabled us to adjust project activity to meet current needs in terms of Covid19


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